Monday, December 20, 2010

Graduated Nursing School--Finally!

So this past Friday, I graduated nursing school! I was extremely excited for this to happen. Most of this month has honestly been surreal to me because of being so busy with everything. I have been wrapping up nursing school, attending paramedic school, working full time hours, and trying to maintain some kind of social life! It makes me happy that it is the end of another chapter in my life though.
Graduation itself was a very memorable event. My friends Greg, Tayten, Bud, and Tara all came down Thursday night and spend the weekend being with me. I was very happy they were willing to make the trip down to see me. On Friday, my Grandma, mom, and sister all came down to spend Friday and Saturday with me. Also, to add to the excitement of all this going on, I was also moving into a new apartment! The apartment is in Washington city, it has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and I moved in with a friend of mine. To say the least, the weekend was very busy, but I was able to make a ton of memories and have a lot of fun. After the ceremony, we all went out to eat dinner as family and friends to a local Mexican Restaurant. Then, my family went back to the hotel in St. George, and just us friends all went to Mesquite for the night!