Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Update

It has been quite some time, as usual, since my last post.  As there was great depth and a lot of good news with my last post, I figured I better update my blog. 

Over the course of the past few months I have been able to develop a relationship with my brother and two sisters that I have recently discovered in the world.  In fact, I had the once in a life time experience just over a month ago to meet my sister and brother who reside in Utah. This single event deserves some individual attention.

Following our initial conversations, we decided to arrange a time to meet.  Getting up to Utah county for me is a challenge as I have a complex schedule.  However, this was a milestone event and I made the effort to set a couple of days aside.  I went up to American Fork toward the end of March and got the opportunity to visit my usual family and friends. 

On my last evening in Utah County, I made arrangements to meet my 22 year old brother Shane and my 29 year old sister Shelly at Goodwood BBQ restaurant.  Unless you have have had the rare opportunity to meet your siblings later in life, no body would understand the intense emotional roller coaster it can be.  You experience and wonder many different things in your mind.  What are they like?  Are they at all similar to me?  Will the accept me?  These thoughts plagued me for hours on this special day! 

The time and come and my brother and sister came into the lobby of the restaurant and for the first time in 26 years I was able to shake their hands and come to a realization of 50% of the blood that runs through my veins!  The feelings and anticipation of new beginnings was nothing short of exhilarating. 

Following introductions we were able to enjoy a pleasant evening getting to know each other and hearing each others story on how all of this came about.  I came to really appreciate my brother for the kind generous soul that he is.  I learned what kind of a dedicated mother my sister is to 2 small kids whom I long to meet in the immediate future. 

This night changed my life forever.  This night put to rest a longing need that I had my whole life.  It had been the strength I needed at that time in my life and infused new energy into me on being a better person.  In essence, my family had expanded and I had new people to get to know, love, and cherish.  I just happened to be blessed enough for them to be like minded individuals who would allow me into their lives.  I recognize this is not at time the case with some.  My heart longs for those precious souls.  My experience sparked a new interest in me to help others in my circumstance to come into contact with distanced family members.  I thank the Lord that he has given this sweet blessing to me!