Friday, February 15, 2013

A Family Milestone

Today was literally one of the most significant milestones of my life.  It takes a little bit of back-story to understand it.  There is a lot of you who may not know, but I do not know my biological father.  Back in the 80's my mother was living a wild life and had came into contact with a guy from Spanish Fork.  As a result of this little relationship, I had the opportunity of coming into this world!  The problem was that this gentleman had a family when all of this took place.  He was married and had some children already.  My mother elected to not let him know that she was pregnant, as she did not want to further impact that family's life. 

Years had passed and I grew up with the family I know.  I had a stepfather in my life who pretty much became my father.  The curiosity of knowing my "other half" had always been there.  My family made some effort to encouragement to just, "not worry about that family, they aren't really your family".  The desire to seek my father and siblings out grew intensely since last September when I lost my mother.  My mom was one of the only people in my life that really knew just how interested I was to one day meet my biological father.

This week a serious of events would transpire that would contribute to a significant milestone in my life.  Early last weekend I was using Facebook's new search tool and had a fleeting thought that I should look up my father's name.  Ultimately, I could not locate my father, but I found a lady who shared his name.  I messaged her after much courage and asked if she knew him.  Within a few hours she responded and told me yes.  This kind of shocked me and I didn't respond back as I didn't know quite what to say to drive the conversation further.  I would forget about this conversation and let a few days pass.

Early this morning, I was looking at my inbox on Facebook and discovered an unread message.  The message was from a lady named Shannon, it read "Austin I know you don't know who I am, and I didn't know about you until last weekend, but I am Kevin Augustus's daughter and I would like to talk with you".  She ended by giving me her phone number to contact her.  There it was, after 26 years I finally made contact with my sister!  I was beside myself with excitement about what the future could bring with this new found relationship.

Today I had the opportunity to speak with my newly found sister for a few hours.  We compared stories about what we knew about the past.  She allowed me to tell her about myself and I listened about who she was as well.  In the conversation I would later learn I have another sister and a brother who is close to my age.  I learned a lot about my father, including the fact that he doesn't do well with these kinds of things, but he would most likely "warm up to things".  The conversation ended with a promise from both of us to work on a relationship from here on out. 

This conversation opened a completely new, unexpected chapter in my life.  It excites me to think I have the opportunity to actually get to know blood relatives I have never met before.  In all of this, I can't neglect the thought that my mother most likely had everything to do with all happening.  Never has contact ever been attempted by either party and there was no knowledge about me with the siblings, but randomly all of this occurs?  My mother always knew the importance all of this had to me, and I am rest assured that she brought me to my sister on this day!  I plan to keep the blog updated on what future events occur!

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